• Body Builder — $40    
    A set of 5 files to make you a better body builder and more physically fit.

    AlwaysAJock - This file will create a desire to always be a jock. To work out, be involved in sports, and act like a typical High School jock.
    ImprovedPhysique - The file trains your body to utilize your entire body when working out. Also decreases body fat percentage to about 6 %.
    MuscleGrowth - This file causes genuine muscle growth in the listener until they choose to stop listening, the results are not an illusion, they are real.
    SixPackAbs - Creates a need in the listener to have the perfect set of six pack abs. They will work out, exercise, and devote themselves to the perfect six pack.
    SixPackAbsRemix - This is a remix of SixPackAbs, I added some effects to it and put SleepReinforce in the background.
    TrainBodyBuilder - Makes you into a body builder, obsessed with muscles and fitness.

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    Will these files ever be free since they\'re so old?
    They\'re antiques and precious relics of the past, of course not! ;D