• Stop Obsessive/Compulsive Behavior    
    This file is intended to help you stop Obsessive/Compulsive Behavior without replacing it with other compulsions. It, instead, helps you face and deal with your obsessions.

    Self Help
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    I think you did a WONDERFUL job on this file! I have not listened to it enough to make a huge difference, however it certianly helps while I am listening to it and I believe it is stimulating my subconsous mind to tell me certian physical things I may be doing that is causing the OCD like smoking too much and drinking too much coffee. I listen to it while I am walking and when my mind starts to wander toward my obsessive thoughts, the volume seems to get louder and pulls me back to the file. Thank you very much for this website and for making these files available.
    Thanks for this =) It\'s helping me. and I like the logic it operates on. \nThere\'s nothing wrong with me, and I CAN get through this