• ASM124 - Virtual Video Player (W/Binaural)    
    Have you ever had movie, or episode from a serie in your head and you would like to watch it for real?, or just wanted to watch something while you are bored? well, this file allows you to watch in your mind any movie or serie episode you want, it's self triggerable and you may use it in any moment. The triggers must be said or whispered.
    (Name of a Movie) Play -> Starts playing
    Stop"  -> Stops and back to normal
    (Name or Number of an Episode from Serie) Play"   ->  Starts Playing
    (Brief description of something you want to watch) Play" -> Allows you to watch something you want to (in case you don't remember the title or the name)

    After the trigger is said, you just need to close your eyes in order to watch it. With binaural effects for better results. And a long-length induction. Volume: 95db, you may use headphones with mid-volume. Recommended: listen to this file 30 minutes before going to sleep every night for at least a week. Comments are welcome.

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    Length: 31:22
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    Trigger(by yourself)